Spring Hair in the Air

With Spring literally right around the corner, it’s always a great time to look for fresh new hairstyles. Change is good. I have noticed a lot of golden tones in the hair for the up coming sun shine. Warmer Blondes and cooler undertones to contrast. Warming up a cooler blonde with a new tone is a great way to introduce the new color with out the strong commitment. I call them color glosses on my menu. They are great on your hair, as long as the integrity of the hair is in tact. Too much damage from too much lightening can compromise the hair and the new tone won’t take, because there is nothing left for it to stick too. That’s where damage repair glosses come in. We will get back to that in a bit. A color gloss, in my salon, can be done on your lunch time. It takes just under an hour for the whole process from application to shampoo, blow dry and OUT!!!! And you leave with a gorgeous new demi permanent color that last about 8 to 12 weeks. If you are working with damaged hair caused by too much heat application, say from a flat iron (yes, turn them down to 350 only) or the cuticle of the hair is blown out from too many highlight overlaps, you can also chose a clear gloss split end hair treatment. That can also be done in under an hour. And OMG! does your hair feel wonderful afterwards. I have several types of color gloss\ toners I work with, depending on the type of hair. Shades is one of my Favs and Pravana also has good choices. Talk to your hair stylist about them. I use a mixture of different formulas as no two heads are every the same. I very much recommend anything that uses a mixture of two chemicals be done by a professional. You may think our jobs are easy and you can do that your self, but that’s why we go to school and do continuing education. I would never in a million years just go out and build a rocket, put people in it and send it to space, if you know what I mean.                                               Shyne

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

How to be good to your hair

In this cold, cold weather we’re having (unusual in our local area) it can reak havoc on our hair and skin. Time to double up on good conditioner. An in the shower rinse out and a spray leave in condtioner will do wonders for the feel of your hair. My newest discovery is the Nourish by Pravana¬†and my old time favorite the double conditioning leave in spray KMS Moist Repair. Both can be purchased at my salon.

KMS California MoistRepair Leave-in Conditioner, 5 Oz

* Moist Repair can be used daily
* Light weight
* A heat protectant
* Leaves hair hydrated, detangled and conditioned with soft, smooth, healthy glossy texture.

PRAVANA Nourish Is a healing conditioner which provides intense healing with lightweight nourishment for damaged hair. Supplying needed hydration to most hair types. This formula is proven to reduce breakage by up to 98 percent.

Recently I attended a hair trade show, as I often do, making education a top priority several times a year. This particular show was in Long Beach, CA. This is the third year of attending this show. This year I was more impressed than past shows. They had more education to offer and way more professional brands. Its interesting to see what the upcoming hair trends will be. A lot more vivid color and “The Shag” hair cut in assorted versions is coming back. (that excites me). A shag haircut is so versatile, creating long or short flowing layers with a lot of texture and a lot of body at the crown (again excited about this). It was interesting to me, seeing all the new haircutting trends, so when I got home from my work trip I started to do some research on the shag dating back to the 70s. Of those who have worn different forms of shag hair cuts are Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Kaley Cuoco. Farrah Faucett, Kate Jackson, Meg Ryan and Jane Fonda, just to name a few. All have had variations through out the years. The cuts we were seeing were more on the dramatic side (always the hair shows go for extreme effects) I cant wait to implement the new, less dramatic rendition of what I learned at the show. I love doing razor cuts and have been following and learning them for many years. I definitely feel I am well versed in these spectacular upcoming hair cuts. I cant wait to introduce the new, less dramatic, versions of what I learned at the hair show. I love doing razor cuts and have been following and learning them for many, many years. I definitely feel I am versed in these cuts.